Monday, October 26, 2009

Changes in momentum...

It happens. Circumstances alter. The key is rollin' with it.

Or as they say, when opportunity knocks, don't be scared of the noise.

New manager at the day gig; this being my last week, pulled out all the stops trying to get me to stay. Great guy, noble intentions...wish him the best.

But I'm afraid not. If I'm not growing, I'm going.

New opportunities with my other Chef, learning how he orders, and keeping the walk in organized to his specs. Also 55-60 hours a week straight time...still cranking it out on the line, but learning other requirements for eventually being a "real" Chef. It is so much more than just cooking well...and I look forward to the opportunity.

This weekend on the line was one "Brock Samson" beat down after another, but I held...whew, it was tough.

Quite possibly the best Sunday I've had in a long time...really nice, for all the right reasons.

My twins are going through one of the hardest things one has to deal with...the loss of someone close. Their first, bless their hearts...I'd make it better if I could; but all I can do is offer to be there if they need me, all the platitudes in the world don't amount to a pinch of salted shit when the hurt is that deep.

I know, all too well.

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