Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This was originally designed for the road I would follow to pursue my dream of becoming a Chef. Still is, but I'm coming to think it may also reflect an older, deeper dream.

To find the last love of my life. (I refuse to think it's over, that she was found and lost.)

Last night at work was kicking. Unexpected busy...for a Tuesday.

Our expo was obviously suffering from a head injury of some kind...what a nightmare. But the food came out on time and well prepared. So can't complain.

Couple of new emails from new ladies...ya just never know.

You win some and you learn some...but you never, ever lose.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New day...

New day, new possibilities...on with it. I do not look back nor do I go backward for anyone, ever again. Made that mistake and paid nicely.

Received a new email from a lady that seems lovely...but they all seem lovely until the UPS guy shows up, hands me a box, and my ass is in it.

So tired last night I accidentally began "following" my own blog, and I can't get rid of it, lol.

Going in to work soon, another day...and the universe opens up....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Burned again...

No, not at work.

The one I was "taking it slow" with.

Three weeks, two dates, a visit to the restaurant with her girlfriends for food (cooked by me) and drinks. Daily texting (referring to me as sweety, signing off with hugs) phone calls, etc.

I get home tonight after whipping it hard at work again, to a freaking Dear Geoffrey email. It's not you, it's me..really...nice.


Dating sucks ass...

Paying dues...

122 hours worked during this last pay period. My schedule only reads 5p to close, six days a week.

My Chef is allowing these extra hours to "see what I'm made of" in an effort to learn all I can about the process for becoming his Sous Chef. I may be a lot of things, but lazy is not one of them. And the position is not a "given"'s still in the wait and see category. Someone could come along and snag it...and if so, OK...still have valuable experience, and a lot of hours worked, so, who's to say?

And life continues to roll. My roommate didn't check his lease when he advertised for the room for rent on Craig's list. (Who doesn't do that?) So after a surprise visit from the landlord...long story short, moving again.

Our salad gal at work is giving me a free computer and TV...nice. That helps.

Good thing I have a lot of Irish Gypsy in me...otherwise, this could be stressful.

So, Thanksgiving week, looking for place to live, working my ass off, attempting to say and do all the right things with my new "Lady of Interest" shall we say, trying to go slow...but at what point does slow turn in to "stall" ...OK, we all pretty much know I don't know shit about relationships...but at least I'm making the effort to do this the right way. And if it tanks...oh well, on with the show...but I shall remain positive.

Did I mention I'm tired...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New things...

The job is growing more "responsibility laden" by the day. And that, is a good thing.

I am ordering product; checking in product, setting up stations (not just mine) making dressings, sauces, briskets, chicken, marinating fish, and cooking, always cooking.

We have an opening for a Sous Chef and I have heard rumors I may be in line.

Hate to jinx it, it would be quite the accomplishment. But if it is it is, if it's not, it's still great experience.

I have three 14 hour days ahead of me after a wonderful second date tonight on my only day off with someone new.

We are going slowly, and that is also a good thing. I think she's worth the wait...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The dream narrows...

Did it. Quit the limping day job and was given a raise and promotion at the "real" job. Managing the prep crew during the day and cooking on the line.

Mastering the zen of the sandwich station, seriously, it's an art, while learning saute and grill.

Managing my motley band of prep monkey's during the day, two of whom are so stoned they can't be allowed near anything sharp, and organizing the weeks parred items and walk in cooler. Several 14 hour days a week and one day off. Not bad-don't need much time off, not yet at least.

The fledgling relationship I was starting just seemed to dissolve...not sure what happened...I probably did something, that's usually the case, but no harm...still putting myself out there, knowing I'm worth the effort...for the right one.

Not much to post; kids are great, job is fine, recovery strong, and heart still open...let's cook.