Monday, November 23, 2009

Paying dues...

122 hours worked during this last pay period. My schedule only reads 5p to close, six days a week.

My Chef is allowing these extra hours to "see what I'm made of" in an effort to learn all I can about the process for becoming his Sous Chef. I may be a lot of things, but lazy is not one of them. And the position is not a "given"'s still in the wait and see category. Someone could come along and snag it...and if so, OK...still have valuable experience, and a lot of hours worked, so, who's to say?

And life continues to roll. My roommate didn't check his lease when he advertised for the room for rent on Craig's list. (Who doesn't do that?) So after a surprise visit from the landlord...long story short, moving again.

Our salad gal at work is giving me a free computer and TV...nice. That helps.

Good thing I have a lot of Irish Gypsy in me...otherwise, this could be stressful.

So, Thanksgiving week, looking for place to live, working my ass off, attempting to say and do all the right things with my new "Lady of Interest" shall we say, trying to go slow...but at what point does slow turn in to "stall" ...OK, we all pretty much know I don't know shit about relationships...but at least I'm making the effort to do this the right way. And if it tanks...oh well, on with the show...but I shall remain positive.

Did I mention I'm tired...

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