Thursday, February 16, 2012

No more "fussy" nights out...

Most romantic dinner escapes require uncomfortable shoes (ladies) and clothes you certainly look great in but would rather not send out to be dry cleaned after the meal. Include valet parking (with tip), tipping your server, the sommelier and anyone else with their hand out ensuring your evening out is tops, not to mention the mark up on the generally overpriced small portions and there you have it. A very expensive, somewhat uncomfortable, "special night."
What if all the hassle and fuss could be removed from your evening? No traffic, parking or any of the above mentioned issues.
What if you could receive a fresh, above standard, three course meal by candlelight in your favorite comfy clothes, with special attention to personal service, including your favorite wine and never leave home?
Now you can.
"Dinner for two," provides just that. A meal with your favorite food, prepared the way you want it, personally and expertly prepared in your kitchen (no off site preparation) served with your comfort in mind, and clean up provided.
Food cost and labor are rolled in to one flat fee, including salad, entree, wine and dessert. Contact 214-994-2350 to bring romance back to your dining table.

Hitting the wall and turning left...

Done. Had it. Fini. The "biz" finally wore me down. My love and passion for food just couldn't keep up with the public and behind the line bullshit. So I've started my own business, preparing and serving romantic dinners for two, in home. Since I really do suck as an employee, being my own boss may help me to not get fired...unless of course I fire myself. I also started an affiliate internet busines promoting food, foodies and all things food related. Below are some examples that one may find interesting. Simply click on the links for more information. Cheers...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quite possibly the last post.

I've decided I have lived my life publicly by writing about it for long enough.

Nothing really comes of it and I fear I am simply trivializing my daily existence by doing so.

I will leave both my blogs up but am retiring from writing them.

I don't know how much time I have left in life and think I would like to keep the rest of it to myself.

Thanks for reading. G

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can see it from here...

A year sober...coming up April 23. Not too far, but so far away from a year ago it's like a different life.

Quite possibly in my top five hardest years of my life category actually, with the life lessons rolling in.

They say the best students get the hardest lessons. I must have made the honor society.

Applied for a second job yesterday. I have an interview with the Executive Chef next Tuesday.

We shall see.

Pretty much stopped the whole dating thing...can't do it. Too much. My "dream girl" is simply that...a dream.

One normally gets to peek under the crazy covers about five months in to a relationship...I am obviously in the accelerated program.

Better off alone. Really.

I can lie to myself just fine...don't need someone else doing it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My time is gonna come...

Like the song says's..."I'm not gonna let you overwhelm me anymore." No, not any one in particular, guess I'm talking to life.

Looking for a second job, which as every one knows is slightly less fun than a gum scaling, but it's necessary. I need to make a living.

At the moment, I'm making a surviving.

Not unusual, been doing that for the better part of eleven years, hacking at child support, bit by bit. But hell, I do like to eat...and drive...and not sleep in my truck. Selfish ass.

Not a peep from my gal pal that chose her addictions over a better life either.

She text messaged me three days ago and the text stopped in the middle of a word. I called back a couple hours later and an Hispanic guy answered, said he had gotten the number from Metro PCS a couple of hours before.

That is not a good sign.

So sad. Not that we're not together, that she made that choice. But it's one I've made far too many times, so if one of us had to do it, let's just say I'm glad it wasn't me.

You may ask, isn't this blog supposed to be about my journey becoming a Chef? And right you would be...but it is.

This is all part of the journey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The path...

On the 23rd of this month I celebrated nine months of continuous sobriety.

It was also the time my girlfriend of six weeks, also in recovery, informed she she was back out, using and drinking again.

I can't deal with that. My sobriety is more important to me. I had to cut her loose. I will miss all the good things about her and give the rest to God to care for.

There are people in life whose paths include someone loving to come home to, with enough finances to be comfortable and children who love and care about them.

I am not on that path.

I am not falling into morbid reflection when I say I may never be on that path.

Broke; alone, cleaning up the wreckage of my past, work, recovery, rented rooms and second hand stuff are the path I'm on.

I may never get off.

But I will stay sober, one day at a time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Opportunity is not often illuminated by the fires of a burning bridge...

Doing the right thing...not always easy.

Wrestling with my impulses and knee jerk reactions...again, not easy.

Deciding to go with the flow, or at least try to, until opportunity presents itself gracefully.

Work is simply that...I've stopped learning so much about cooking and receiving lessons about interactions with people...boils down to shutting up and keeping my head down. Two activities I have never been that good with...but I suppose it's time.

It helps so much having found someone in my life that truly share my ideals and dreams, faults and strengths. All of them.

I never thought someone so like me could turn into someone so special.

When we're together, it's a drama free zone. We can even be silent together...and still be perfectly OK.

This is turning in to a very interesting start to a brand new year.