Thursday, October 8, 2009

To the Dining Public...yeah, you...

Attention: For those of you in your matching shirts; be they bowling, square dancing, or groups of professional badger shavers...just because you and the "gang" think it would be a "hoot" to swarm into an eating establishment, ten minutes before they close, it is not, ever, a good idea. STOP IT!!!

I mean really....the kitchen staff has been battling real service all night and are closing down their stations...wrapping, cleaning, nursing wounds and trying to get to a cool climate before they pass the fuck out.

But no, in all 14 of you sashay, and order appetizers, desserts, and coffee. These items have more than likely been put away for "real" guests the following night, and now, well, it's a good thing you're leaving in a group, because there are a half dozen cooks, in various states of heat stroke, undoing the work they already performed, knowing they will then have to perform it again, and gang, you aint felt pain like a degreaser burn (the stuff they use to clean the grill...that's right, it takes work, not magic!), and they now hate you.

They also have knives.

And the waitstaff that you are either going to stiff or leave a couple of dollars to are trying to make a LIVING!!! These poor bastards make 2.13 an hour, they depend on large tickets so they can make larger gratuities and FEED THEIR FAMILIES!
OK...all on the same page? Fine...

Goodnight sheep...

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