Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And the fifties begin...

Great day yesterday...fifty is looking promising. I can honestly say my forties blew. Hard.

Thank God I gave my notice at the day just keeps getting stranger. We have, oh for arguments sake, let's say, no customers. 'Kay?

What's the answer the owner comes up with?

Hire more staff. WTF? Seriously....? Very bizarre.

But, more hours at the other gig, starting today...time for a second wind.

Best birthday present yesterday...a bag of kitchen tools, sweet!

Best birthday present coming up...lunch and a day off on Sunday. Really looking forward to that.

It's nice to look forward to things again.

Not really much of a post, I know, but I'm sure some unsuspecting civilian will do something untoward at work soon enough and I will be able to say, "Let the Royal Rumpus begin..."

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