Thursday, December 3, 2009

The flow...

Going with need to struggle, downstream is just fine.

The Holiday's are slowing the restaurant down a bit, but speeding up my logistic responsibilities.

Manning the saute station as well as sandwiches and apps, occasionally doubling as garde mangere,(that's salads for the uninformed) and whipping on the fry station as necessary. Whew.

Cool...loving what I do has opened up an entire chapter of life for me. It's hard, with little thanks but the personal satisfaction and learning experiences are priceless.

And on a personal note...

I was seriously considering pulling the plug on the whole Internet dating thing when...
a lovely phone call from someone totally out of the blue on the way home...hmmm...he am working mysteriously again.

Which is cool...just don't know why my prayers can't be answered in a point A to point B fashion. It would save on gas, flowers and expectations, that's for sure.

But it wouldn't be quite as interesting, now would it.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you're a busy man, but I've followed both of your blogs and you are way behind on this one.