Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Opportunity is not often illuminated by the fires of a burning bridge...

Doing the right thing...not always easy.

Wrestling with my impulses and knee jerk reactions...again, not easy.

Deciding to go with the flow, or at least try to, until opportunity presents itself gracefully.

Work is simply that...I've stopped learning so much about cooking and receiving lessons about interactions with people...boils down to shutting up and keeping my head down. Two activities I have never been that good with...but I suppose it's time.

It helps so much having found someone in my life that truly share my ideals and dreams, faults and strengths. All of them.

I never thought someone so like me could turn into someone so special.

When we're together, it's a drama free zone. We can even be silent together...and still be perfectly OK.

This is turning in to a very interesting start to a brand new year.

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Anonymous said...

Well Geoff you are definitely on the right path. I am proud of you and your new life choices. Isn't great to be a part of the world than apart from it. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon. What is the best time to catch you?