Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...

Well that was fun...a drama filled, chaotic, rough ass year interspersed with brief moments of bliss.

I'll have more bliss please.

My goal for this one..not to make the mistakes I made last year.

No drugs or exceptions. No suicide attempts or visits to the nut hutch...been there, don't even want the t-shirt.

No flirting with homelessness or getting engaged...and yes... there seemed to be a connection.

No giving myself fully to a woman in an emotional capacity until...well, a long time.

Pay closer attention to what God's telling me.

Not paying attention to the "fringe" people who really don't matter. Allow me to define this fully...if you're not helping me stay sober, related to me, a true "friend," paying my rent or sleeping/in love with me...go do whatever...enjoy yourself.

I promise... you are not on my radar.


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Virginia Sabin said...

I do not know who you are or how your blog popped up in my office communication blog. Congratulations on almost a year clean and sober. That first year is the toughest. Even after a decade of being clean having a drink or a little bump is the first thing i think of in the morning and the last thing I think of before I go to bed Only. now I have the tools and will power. Remember just for today is too many and a thousand is never enough...