Saturday, January 30, 2010

My time is gonna come...

Like the song says's..."I'm not gonna let you overwhelm me anymore." No, not any one in particular, guess I'm talking to life.

Looking for a second job, which as every one knows is slightly less fun than a gum scaling, but it's necessary. I need to make a living.

At the moment, I'm making a surviving.

Not unusual, been doing that for the better part of eleven years, hacking at child support, bit by bit. But hell, I do like to eat...and drive...and not sleep in my truck. Selfish ass.

Not a peep from my gal pal that chose her addictions over a better life either.

She text messaged me three days ago and the text stopped in the middle of a word. I called back a couple hours later and an Hispanic guy answered, said he had gotten the number from Metro PCS a couple of hours before.

That is not a good sign.

So sad. Not that we're not together, that she made that choice. But it's one I've made far too many times, so if one of us had to do it, let's just say I'm glad it wasn't me.

You may ask, isn't this blog supposed to be about my journey becoming a Chef? And right you would be...but it is.

This is all part of the journey.

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call me old man. 715-505-1510